Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Un Cadeau de Paris!

I am so THRILLED I could SCREAM, but I won't:) I just received a GIFT from PARIS!!!, OK, let me rephrase that. A gift from... CLAUDIA, from THE PARIS APARTMENT!!! Let me set the scene for all of you... It was the usual busy day here in my studio, LA PETITE PLUME, and while working on an order for a wonderful customer from across the pond, aka, THE UNITED KINGDOM, My DOOR BELL RANG!

It was the mail carrier with a LARGE envelope, hmmm, I thought, as I RAN to tear it open. And there it was,( as a choir of angels sang, oh, and the golden rays of light beaming down on me. I want all of you to just visualize the entire scene, ha ha), an AUTOGRAPHED book from the QUEEN herself, HER MAJESTY, CLAUDIA STRASSER, AUTHOR OF, "THE PARIS APARTMENT"!

I could not contain my excitement:))) I flipped through the book so fast. I was trying to ABSORB as many pages as possible within seconds. Remember, I was in the middle of working on an order of NOTE CARDS, so I had to get back to packing them up for shipment. -But I just had to see a bit of of this long awaited book containing so many FABULOUS TIPS on fabrics, colors, lighting, and HOW TO SHOP for wonderful FINDS at FLEA MARKETS , RUMMAGE SALES and much more to get that perfect PARISIENNE style you've been craving, OK, I don't want to give away all of the details:) I could no longer look at it on my desk, begging me to go over and drool over the VIVIDLY colored pictures ARCHITECTURE and ANTIQUE ROMANTIC details not one more minute! I then got the sudden URGE to pick up the phone and make that MAGICAL CALL to who other than, you guessed it, CLAUDIA!! Yes I did, I sure did.

I called Miss. Claudia and had the most FANTASTIC, ENERGIZING conversation with her. CLAUDIA is an AMAZING lady with some of the most amazing pieces at her boutique. I truly ENJOYED our chat and just when I was thinking of crossing the 'ol HUDSON RIVER to NYC to go to THE PARIS APARTMENT, Claudia lowers the BOOM:(( She is now in MIAMI BEACH! So I guess this is a great excuse for me to fly down to Miami and INDULGE in a bit at Claudia's BEAUTIFUL BOUTIQUE:)) If you haven't popped over to The Paris Apartment yet, you MUST go and tell her Daisy from LA PETITE PLUME sent you:)), and if you haven't picked up her BOOK yet, treat yourself to one for the holidays!

A MILLION MERCI'S to you my Queen for the DIVINE book! I will be reading it in the evenings when my day has wound down, and I finally get some ME TIME to kick up my heels. When the studio is closed and the dinner has been served, the dishes are done and the children are safely in their nooks snoozing away. Mommy will have herself a HOT TOTTY, slip into her "SNUGGIE" and savor each and every page of this MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS GIFT!

Images courtesy and property of Claudia Strasser, The Paris Apartment.
Envelope, telephone, Kick up heels images property of photobucket.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Joyeux Noel!

LA PETITE PLUME would like to simply wish all of you a MAGICAL, PINK - A- LICIOUS HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!! This is just a brief message due to being on the yearly CLEAN UP COMMITTEE after my children TORE through their gifts at MIDNIGHT!! They refused to wait for our TRADITIONAL opening of the gifts the next morning, but my HUSBAND was even more happy because now he can SLEEP IN!! Since he already video taped it all last night!


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is There A Dunce In The House?

Boy! La Petite Plume really feels like a DUNCE! I have been trying soooo hard to create a GRAB BUTTON so that our fellow BLOGGERS and our ROYAL COURT, aka, our FOLLOWERS, can grab our button and put it on their blogs as well and I have not been able to do it:(( I even had one of our new followers, FIFI from FIFI FLOWERS, try to help me, but I just could not get it going! but MERCI MERCI TO YOU FIFI! ok, just say it, "SHE'S A DUNCE"! I will gladly accept that title. But my girl MANDY at A LA PARISIENNE, gave me a WONDERFUL idea, that I can understand why I did not think of it sooner, considering that I do it for all of my favorite blogs right here on our blog. Just create a button just as I do the others and add the text "GRAB MY BUTTON", by "RIGHT CLICKING" on my image!! OK, now why was that so easy??? Now I know my BRAIN IS FRIED!!! So for all of you that would like to add our button to your blogs or sites, PLEASE just RIGHT CLICK, SAVE IMAGE, AND ADD OUR LINK: http://www.lapetitplume.blogspot.com/. OUR BUTTON IS ONE THE RIGHT SIDE and PASTE it to YOUR BLOG!:) It's that EASY:))
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Archduchess Marie Antoinette Parisienne Inspired Mini Note Card Collection, Creamy Ivory Pearl Finished Envelopes and Pink Mini Crown Seals Included

Archduchess Marie Antoinette Parisienne Inspired Mini Note Card Collection, Creamy Ivory Pearl Finished Envelopes and Pink Mini Crown Seals Included
Available now on LaPetitePlume.Etsy.com! These are simply TO DIE FOR! Perfect for VALENTINES DAY TOO!

Our Royal Packaging!

*** Registered and Protected by Copyright © 2009 House of Versailles for LA PETITE PLUME DESIGNS All Rights Reserved.

La Petite Plume Spring 2010 Collection

Archduchess Marie Antoinette, Second Series, Parisienne Inspired Mini Note Card Collection, Royal Aqua Marine Pearl Finished Envelopes and Aqua Mini Crown Seals Included.
Available now on LaPetitePlume.Etsy.com!

Before she became our favorite Queen, she was Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduchess of Austria, fifteenth and penultimate child of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I. Here in this divine set of mini cards she is depicted as the young and Innocent Marie , prior to all that was to come of the doomed Queen of France. But we love her all the same!Set of six mini cards, 3.5 x 2.5 created on thick, plush letterpress parchment in a Creamy, velvety White, followed by a textured layer in Spring Breeze. A Pearl Finished layer in Meridian Blue A layer of textured Heavy Cream holds the depiction of our sweet Marie in shades of French Blue and Rose. She is encrusted in Authentic German Glass and Angel Dust. Finally, Genuine Swarovski Crystals in Pale Rose dot her hair, Roses and the little butterfly. She holds a Sapphire Blue Crystal on her neck. Corners are cut and embossed into romantic tips. Royal Aqua Marine Pearl Finished Envelopes and Mini Aqua Crown Seals Included.

*** Registered and Protected by Copyright © 2009 House of Versailles for LA PETITE PLUME DESIGNS All Rights Reserved.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merci Merci To My Favorite Little Queen!

La Petite Plume is so thrilled and thankful to our FAVORITE QUEEN, QUEEN MANDY from A LA PARISIENNE for designing our new blog button!! We had a vision and she, once again came through for us with this outstanding REGAL button that will lead our fans and customers, old and new to our on line PAPER BOUTIQUE, LA PETITE PLUME.

If you too would like CUSTOM, QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL attention for your BLOG or ETSY BANNERS, then we HIGHLY recommend MANDY at A LA PARISIENNE and tell her DAISY from LA PETITE PLUME sent you!

For a SHORTCUT to Mandy's shop on ETSY, just press her button located on our blog at the far right!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String...or Ribbon

I guess a some point or other, we have all heard this unforgotten song from "The Sound of Music", "Favorite Things", and ran around singing it endlessly as if we too were Julie Andrews on some mountain top in Austria I believe it was. "Brown paper packages tied up with string". Well this song is just so fitting for when I wander off into the world of my now favorite site for all things beautiful in the mind of SANDE from A GIFT WRAPPED LIFE.

After 20 years of successful interior design, Sande Chase made the decision to switch her focus on a career of professional gift wrapping. From Ontario, Canada, which is so close to my childhood home in Buffalo, NY, Sande has saved us all from the hum-drum life of the dreaded chore of gift wrapping. She has made it so much fun with her unbelievable ideas and creations! Gone are the days of the ordinary and in are the packages of the EXTRAORDINARY!

I truly love gift giving and wrapping, and now with her MAJESTY'S BRILLIANT creations and ideas, my gifts will be the talk of this holiday season! Just looking at this gift box above makes me drool!

At Sande's site, A Gift Wrapped Life, she offers an array of DIVINE, LUXURIOUS and FEMININE papers and ribbons, but that's not all. She also has many beautiful gift giving ideas, for instance pretty PICTURE FRAMES AND TOILETRIES!

Here is the big problem, WHAT TO CHOOSE once your there!! There are so many GORGEOUS wrappings and ribbons that one would just love to choose them all:)) but I am more than positive that if you are having a hard time choosing from Sande's wide selection, she will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the perfect papers and ribbons for your SPECIAL OCCASION:)

Here is a BEAUTIFUL SOLUTION for decorating a round box! This one reminds me of

Harvest Time.

Once again, our Queen Sande works her MAGIC !


These treasures resemble bowls full of SHERBET ICE CREAM,

Just remember that your packages don't have to be boring and simple. Dress them up in luxurious wrappings and trinkets. Create a long lasting memory for the receiver. I assure you that they will take that extra minute to savor your thoughtfulness and creativity... Let your gifts be the talk of the event!

Need a SHORTCUT to Sande's web site? Just click on her button, A GIFT WRAPPED LIFE, on the right hand side of our blog, and tell our gift wrapping QUEEN that DAISY from LA PETITE PLUME sent you:)

... And that's a Wrap!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day at The Millinery, Entourage of Versailles Note Card Collection

La Petite Plume just loves its latest addition to our Spring 2010 Staionery Collection!
A day well spent at the Millinery for these Parisienne beauties. I know this would make me oh so happy! A divine pallet of Heavy Cream, Apple Green and Chocolate with notes of Mulberry and Rose, with beautiful Pine Swags and blooms. These are a must have for your Spring 2001 Stationery collection! A set of four note cards, 3.5 x 4.75 created on thick, plush Imported letterpress parchment from France. Textured Pistachio parchment is next and just above this pretty pallet a Damask pattern in Heavy Cream and Dove White. A triple medallion rests on a Napoleon striped cross grain ribbon, which runs beautifully through the inside of these blank cards and knot gracefully at the top. The medallion also in textured domestic parchments in Chocolate and Apple Green hold a depiction of a Parisienne Beauty among her many hats with fluffy plumes, bows and blooms dusted in the finest of glitters and German Glass. Genuine Swarovski Crystals dot the hats. Chocolate Pearl Finished Envelopes, beautifully lined, included.
*** Be sure to zoom in to view the large gorgeous shards of glass!
Need a SHORTCUT to our boutique? Just locate our buttons on either the upper left or right hand corners and you are there! www.LaPetitePlume.etsy.com
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i just love this DIVINE set!


Reflextions of A Lady, Jane Austen Note Card Collection, Set of Four, First of Five Series, Chocolate Pearl Finished Lined Envelopes

Wise words by the wonderful Jane Austen. I just love Jane Austen! I never tire of reading her books and wishing I could just live as she did. Another top seller at our Florida location!!Set of four divine note cards, three of each image, 4.25 x 5.5, first of five series, created on thick plush letterpress parchment of the finest quality imported from France in a creamy White. Layered in a textured Olivina Green on one side and a gorgeous Paisley pattern on the other outlined by hand in the fines of glitter. A Chocolate double faced ribbon is layered with a shimmery gold. Finally, a triple oval medallion in a textured Chocolate, Antique Rose dot, and the depiction of a young women also outlined in the finest of glitter with a Smokey Genuine Swarovski Crystal on their hats placed on foam tabs for a 3 D effect. A lovely verse by the very famous Jane Austen is surrounded by wispy swirls. Chocolate Pearl finished envelopes, beautifully lined included.
*** Be sure to zoom in to view the large gorgeous shards of glass!
Need a SHORTCUT to our boutique? Just locate our buttons on either the upper left or right hand corners and you are there! www.LaPetitePlume.etsy.com
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Je taime Parisienne Inspired Note Card Collection, Rose Pearl Finished Envelopes

La Petite Plume presents... Je t'aime, I love you in the romantic language of French. This is absolutely a favorite and TOP SELLER at our FLORIDA LOCATION! So romantic and feminine. A beautiful Parisienne belle getting ready for an evening at some fancy soiree in her gown of GLASS.Set of four note cards, 4.25 x 5.5, created on Imported letterpress parchment of the highest quality, from France in creamy white. Textured Vintage Rose is layered beneath an Antique Gold raised filigree. A triple medallion in Olive, Mulberry and the divine image of this lovely young women in her encrusted gown of Authentic German Glass and Angel dust. Her head band holds a Genuine Swarovski Crystal in Olivina Green. An Organdy ribbon also in Olivina Green rests beneath the medallion intertwined at the top into a sweetheart bow which hold an extra large Swarovski Crystal. Ribbon runs beautifully inside of card. Rose Pearl Finished envelopes included.
*** Be sure to zoom in to view the large gorgeous shards of glass!Need a SHORTCUT to our boutique? Just locate our buttons on either the upper left or right hand corners and you are there! or just click here on our website www.LaPetitePlume.etsy.com

*** A thin string landed on her face during the photo taking. This will not appear on your set:))

*** Copyright La Petite Plume, 2009 for La Petite Plume Designs All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

La Mode Parisienne Inspired Note Card Collection

La Petite Plume is showing off a new collection! La Mode!

La Mode meaning "The Fashion" in French! This First Series of this note card collection is pure DIVINITY in a pallet of French Blue! In four gorgeous pastel colors, Rose, Lavender, Spring Green and French Blue. Perfect as thank you notes, teachers notes, tea party invites, buy a set as a gift for a friend or favorite teacher or just treat yourself to a set or two!Set of four note cards, 4.75 x 3.5, created on thick plush letterpress parchment in a Creamy White. Multiple layers of a soft Damask pattern in Heather Gray followed by a triple medallion in yet another Damask pattern in a deeper hue of gray for a perfectly balanced contrast. A Pearl Finished parchment in Spring Green rests beneath a Mannequin with a billowing tail of plumes encrusted in Authentic German Glass and Angel Dust, with a color coordinated Genuine Swarovski Crystal on the White Rose. Each card in a different color. A lovely French verse is depicted on the inside of the oval that is adorned with beautiful roses. A double ribbon in Organdy and Satin run gracefully down the center and through the inside of the cards giving an equal amount of beauty to the inside. Silver Pearl Finished Envelopes, beautifully lined, included.

*** Be sure to zoom in to view the large gorgeous shards of glass!

Need a SHORTCUT to our boutique? Just locate our buttons on either the upper left or right hand corners and you are there! www.LaPetitePlume.etsy.com

*** Copyright Protected La Petite Plume for La Petite Plume Designs, 2009 All Rights Reserved.

simply DIVINE!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fleurs Fraiches At Petite Trianon!

La Petite Plume has a new born! A breathtaking set of MINI NOTE CARDS inspired by the gorgeous gardens of Marie Antoinette at Petite Trianon, presented by House of Versailles, for La Petite Plume Designs. Marie Antoinette loves flowers very much and had many beautiful gardens created at Versailles. This petite portrait is something I think Marie would have had herself in her sitting parlor on a fancy table or in her private boudoir:)

Need a SHORTCUT to La Petite Plume? Just press our BUTTONS at the upper right or left corners of this blog:)) or visit us at: www.LaPetitePlume.etsy.com See you there!

***Copyright 2009, La Petite Plume Designs, All Rights Reserved

Perfect as a thank you note, Tea parties as seating cards, teacher's note, tuck them into your all of your gifts, or keep one for yourself and frame it as many of our customer's do. The ideas are endless! I suggest using a Metallic pen in Gold for an elegant touch:)

Set of six Mini note cards created textured Olive Green parchment. Triple layered in Perennial Gold, followed by a divine pattern in Indian Summer, a deep hue of Violet, and the beautiful image of a bouquet of flowers in an ornate vase encrusted in Authentic German Glass and Angel dust for great sparkle. Finally, 9 Genuine Swarovski Crystals embellish each bloom and one on the vase, for a total of 54 crystals in all.
*** Be sure to zoom in to view the BRILLIANCY of the shards of glass!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Romance A La Parisienne!

La Petite Plume just loves ROMANCE, ELEGANCE , VINTAGE, and all that is FEMININE and oh so GIRLY and so we have decided to write an article on one of our favorite shops on ETSY, A La Parisienne.

Our first encounter with this romantic shop was when we were looking for a fresh new face for our blog. In our search for ORNATE architectural designs, we found some DIVINE designs created by MANDY at A La Parisienne on ETSY. Mandy was able to capture our vision and thanks to her we now have a BREATHTAKING blog.

Her Royale Highness is now creating the most romantic brooches from beautiful pieces of fabric, PARISIENNE PETALS! Mandy is very CHIC and definitely a DIVA, but she is what I refer to as an "old soul". She has such a flare for the past and yet she puts a modern twist of flamboyance on all of her creative projects! Each one of her brooches is UNIQUE and a must have in every DIVA'S PINK-A-LICIOUS accessories this fall!!

Pin on: a hat or Beret for a nice "Frenchy" look, belt, dress, pocket, on the band of your coat on the back, purse, head band, scarf, bridal bouquet with ribbons, a nice tie for us gals at the very neck, at the back on an evening gown with a low plunging "V", on your bedroom drapes as tie backs, on a gift as an added surprise, on the wrist with a ribbon, the ideas are endless!!

La Petite Plume is featuring a few of its favorites, but run to Mandy's shop to view her entire collection at: alaparisienne.etsy.com and tell her Daisy at La Petite Plume sent you!

*** Need a SHORTCUT to Mandy's shop? Just click on her shop BUTTON on the right side of our blog, "A La Parisienne":))

*** Images are the sole property of Mandy at A La Parisienne .etsy.com.

silvery PRINCESS!




here comes the BRIDE!


creamy CHIC

STYLISH, a la parisienne!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Palace

LA PETITE PLUME is happy to announce that we have a new PALACE! CHANDLER MICHELLE and HOUSE OF VERSAILLES will now be selling on SILK FAIR as well:)) below is our new Silk Fair address for our Chandler Michelle boutique and soon we will add our House of Versailles boutique.


we will still be selling on ETSY at: www.chandlermichelle.etsy.com. See all of you there!
** photo courtesy of photo bucket

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Live and Let Die!

well, LA PINK QUILL has NEW NEWS!! we have EXPANDED and have a NEW WEB SITE which is under construction, and we also have a NEW BLOG NAME:)): "LA PETITE PLUME". we have decided to keep our new web site and blog nice and uniform. we will have many NEW PARISIENNE INSPIRED GREETING CARDS, GIFT TAGS, AND GARDEN FAVORS, for all of our current and new FANS!! so we are bidding LA PINK QUILL good bye and we are WELCOMING, LA PETITE PLUME!!

we will keep you posted on the construction of our new web site right here on



:: photo courtesy of photo bucket

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Marie Antoinette, I Want Candy Note Card Collection

La Petite Plume is CRAZY about this new NOTE CARD COLLECTION! It is so GIRLY, and Pinky! Perfect for any occasion, QUINCENERAS, SWEET 16'S, THANK YOU NOTES, BIRTHDAY, JUST TO SAY "HI", as a GIFT to friends, co-workers- family, the ideas are endless:))

Set of six note cards, 3.5 x 4.75, fully encrusted in Authentic German Glass and Angel Dust. Genuine Swarovski Crystals adorn MARIE ANTOINETTE'S gown and hair. An Extra large iridescent Crystal adorns the sweetheart bow. Aqua, beautifully lined, Pearl Finished Envelopes included!

Be sure to stop by HOUSE OF VERSAILLES for your set today, at: www.houseofversailles.etsy.com. Need a quick short-cut? Press our HOUSE OF VERSAILLES BUTTON on the upper right hand side.

***Copyright 2009, House of Versailles, All Rights Reserved

i want

Friday, October 2, 2009

Parisienne Peacock Note Card Set

I am sooooo EXHAUSTED today, but I just wanted to show all of you the latest at HOUSE OF VERSAILLES today! A divine set in the most gorgeous pallet. See for yourself:)) And of course this is AVAILABLE NOW at www.houseofversailles.etsy.com, or just press out HOUSE OF VERSAILLES BUTTON on the upper right hand side:)) See you there!

*** copyright 1994-2009 All Rights Reserved, House of Versailles

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angels of Peace

With the HOLIDAYS upon us, it's time to get our BEAUTIFUL cards for friends and family. And HOUSE OF VERSAILLES, and LA PETITE PLUME is featuring their first set of the season!

Angelic ANGELS spreading the message of PEACE with good 'ol SANTA in a divine wreath. Created on CRANES parchment, and encrusted in Authentic German Glass and Angel dust.

Stop by HOUSE OF VERSAILLES at www.houseofversailles.etsy.com for your set! Our HAUTE COUTURE designs will have you running back for more!

*** Copyright House of Versailles, 2009

Tea Time At Versailles

La Petite Plume is featuring another divine NOTE CARD collection!

Set of six note cards, 3.5 x 4.75, created on Cranes finest Letta-Press parchment in Dove White. A BREATHTAKING pallet of Cranberry, Buttercream, Aqua and Rose serve as the background for the depiction of two Princesses of the Blood, ready for their visit at VERSAILLES for tea with none other tham MARIE ANTOINETTE herself! Their beautiful gowns are encrusted in AUTHENTIC German Glass and Genuine SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS. Aqua Pearl Finished Lined ENVELOPES INCLUDED. Be sure to stop by our on-line paper boutique at: www.houseofversailles.etsy.com for your set! Need to get their FASTER? Just press our HOUSE OF VERSAILLES BUTTON at the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER:)).

***Copyright House of Versailles, 2009