Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is There A Dunce In The House?

Boy! La Petite Plume really feels like a DUNCE! I have been trying soooo hard to create a GRAB BUTTON so that our fellow BLOGGERS and our ROYAL COURT, aka, our FOLLOWERS, can grab our button and put it on their blogs as well and I have not been able to do it:(( I even had one of our new followers, FIFI from FIFI FLOWERS, try to help me, but I just could not get it going! but MERCI MERCI TO YOU FIFI! ok, just say it, "SHE'S A DUNCE"! I will gladly accept that title. But my girl MANDY at A LA PARISIENNE, gave me a WONDERFUL idea, that I can understand why I did not think of it sooner, considering that I do it for all of my favorite blogs right here on our blog. Just create a button just as I do the others and add the text "GRAB MY BUTTON", by "RIGHT CLICKING" on my image!! OK, now why was that so easy??? Now I know my BRAIN IS FRIED!!! So for all of you that would like to add our button to your blogs or sites, PLEASE just RIGHT CLICK, SAVE IMAGE, AND ADD OUR LINK: OUR BUTTON IS ONE THE RIGHT SIDE and PASTE it to YOUR BLOG!:) It's that EASY:))
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  1. Happy Happy Christmas! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL and touches me in a very special way~~~ Thank you for your magic and visiting my corner of this wonderful blog world we are living in!!

  2. My Queen,

    Merci for gracing us with your presence and your lovely comments! It is an honor to have you here. Your blog is simply DIVINE as well and I look forward to visiting you and enjoying many more wonderful articles and images:))

    Happy holidays and Royal wishes,

  3. Daisy,
    I always overcomplicate things, so I know how you feel! I am glad to be of some help!
    I mentioned your delicious poppyseed cake in my blog post today!
    Happy New Year!


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