Friday, December 4, 2009

Fleurs Fraiches At Petite Trianon!

La Petite Plume has a new born! A breathtaking set of MINI NOTE CARDS inspired by the gorgeous gardens of Marie Antoinette at Petite Trianon, presented by House of Versailles, for La Petite Plume Designs. Marie Antoinette loves flowers very much and had many beautiful gardens created at Versailles. This petite portrait is something I think Marie would have had herself in her sitting parlor on a fancy table or in her private boudoir:)

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Perfect as a thank you note, Tea parties as seating cards, teacher's note, tuck them into your all of your gifts, or keep one for yourself and frame it as many of our customer's do. The ideas are endless! I suggest using a Metallic pen in Gold for an elegant touch:)

Set of six Mini note cards created textured Olive Green parchment. Triple layered in Perennial Gold, followed by a divine pattern in Indian Summer, a deep hue of Violet, and the beautiful image of a bouquet of flowers in an ornate vase encrusted in Authentic German Glass and Angel dust for great sparkle. Finally, 9 Genuine Swarovski Crystals embellish each bloom and one on the vase, for a total of 54 crystals in all.
*** Be sure to zoom in to view the BRILLIANCY of the shards of glass!


  1. Another frameable work of art Daisy. The colors in this card are stunning! Can't wait to receive my set. Your faithful HRH, sher-bear :-)

  2. Bonjour to our favorite Queen!

    Merci Sher-Bear! I too can't wait for you to receive you set!! They are little divine treasures:)) Enjoy them!

    Royal wishes,


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