Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Romance A La Parisienne!

La Petite Plume just loves ROMANCE, ELEGANCE , VINTAGE, and all that is FEMININE and oh so GIRLY and so we have decided to write an article on one of our favorite shops on ETSY, A La Parisienne.

Our first encounter with this romantic shop was when we were looking for a fresh new face for our blog. In our search for ORNATE architectural designs, we found some DIVINE designs created by MANDY at A La Parisienne on ETSY. Mandy was able to capture our vision and thanks to her we now have a BREATHTAKING blog.

Her Royale Highness is now creating the most romantic brooches from beautiful pieces of fabric, PARISIENNE PETALS! Mandy is very CHIC and definitely a DIVA, but she is what I refer to as an "old soul". She has such a flare for the past and yet she puts a modern twist of flamboyance on all of her creative projects! Each one of her brooches is UNIQUE and a must have in every DIVA'S PINK-A-LICIOUS accessories this fall!!

Pin on: a hat or Beret for a nice "Frenchy" look, belt, dress, pocket, on the band of your coat on the back, purse, head band, scarf, bridal bouquet with ribbons, a nice tie for us gals at the very neck, at the back on an evening gown with a low plunging "V", on your bedroom drapes as tie backs, on a gift as an added surprise, on the wrist with a ribbon, the ideas are endless!!

La Petite Plume is featuring a few of its favorites, but run to Mandy's shop to view her entire collection at: alaparisienne.etsy.com and tell her Daisy at La Petite Plume sent you!

*** Need a SHORTCUT to Mandy's shop? Just click on her shop BUTTON on the right side of our blog, "A La Parisienne":))

*** Images are the sole property of Mandy at A La Parisienne .etsy.com.

silvery PRINCESS!




here comes the BRIDE!


creamy CHIC

STYLISH, a la parisienne!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A New Palace

LA PETITE PLUME is happy to announce that we have a new PALACE! CHANDLER MICHELLE and HOUSE OF VERSAILLES will now be selling on SILK FAIR as well:)) below is our new Silk Fair address for our Chandler Michelle boutique and soon we will add our House of Versailles boutique.


we will still be selling on ETSY at: www.chandlermichelle.etsy.com. See all of you there!
** photo courtesy of photo bucket

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Live and Let Die!

well, LA PINK QUILL has NEW NEWS!! we have EXPANDED and have a NEW WEB SITE which is under construction, and we also have a NEW BLOG NAME:)): "LA PETITE PLUME". we have decided to keep our new web site and blog nice and uniform. we will have many NEW PARISIENNE INSPIRED GREETING CARDS, GIFT TAGS, AND GARDEN FAVORS, for all of our current and new FANS!! so we are bidding LA PINK QUILL good bye and we are WELCOMING, LA PETITE PLUME!!

we will keep you posted on the construction of our new web site right here on



:: photo courtesy of photo bucket