Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reflextions of A Lady, Jane Austen Note Card Collection, Set of Four, First of Five Series, Chocolate Pearl Finished Lined Envelopes

Wise words by the wonderful Jane Austen. I just love Jane Austen! I never tire of reading her books and wishing I could just live as she did. Another top seller at our Florida location!!Set of four divine note cards, three of each image, 4.25 x 5.5, first of five series, created on thick plush letterpress parchment of the finest quality imported from France in a creamy White. Layered in a textured Olivina Green on one side and a gorgeous Paisley pattern on the other outlined by hand in the fines of glitter. A Chocolate double faced ribbon is layered with a shimmery gold. Finally, a triple oval medallion in a textured Chocolate, Antique Rose dot, and the depiction of a young women also outlined in the finest of glitter with a Smokey Genuine Swarovski Crystal on their hats placed on foam tabs for a 3 D effect. A lovely verse by the very famous Jane Austen is surrounded by wispy swirls. Chocolate Pearl finished envelopes, beautifully lined included.
*** Be sure to zoom in to view the large gorgeous shards of glass!
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