Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Un Cadeau de Paris!

I am so THRILLED I could SCREAM, but I won't:) I just received a GIFT from PARIS!!!, OK, let me rephrase that. A gift from... CLAUDIA, from THE PARIS APARTMENT!!! Let me set the scene for all of you... It was the usual busy day here in my studio, LA PETITE PLUME, and while working on an order for a wonderful customer from across the pond, aka, THE UNITED KINGDOM, My DOOR BELL RANG!

It was the mail carrier with a LARGE envelope, hmmm, I thought, as I RAN to tear it open. And there it was,( as a choir of angels sang, oh, and the golden rays of light beaming down on me. I want all of you to just visualize the entire scene, ha ha), an AUTOGRAPHED book from the QUEEN herself, HER MAJESTY, CLAUDIA STRASSER, AUTHOR OF, "THE PARIS APARTMENT"!

I could not contain my excitement:))) I flipped through the book so fast. I was trying to ABSORB as many pages as possible within seconds. Remember, I was in the middle of working on an order of NOTE CARDS, so I had to get back to packing them up for shipment. -But I just had to see a bit of of this long awaited book containing so many FABULOUS TIPS on fabrics, colors, lighting, and HOW TO SHOP for wonderful FINDS at FLEA MARKETS , RUMMAGE SALES and much more to get that perfect PARISIENNE style you've been craving, OK, I don't want to give away all of the details:) I could no longer look at it on my desk, begging me to go over and drool over the VIVIDLY colored pictures ARCHITECTURE and ANTIQUE ROMANTIC details not one more minute! I then got the sudden URGE to pick up the phone and make that MAGICAL CALL to who other than, you guessed it, CLAUDIA!! Yes I did, I sure did.

I called Miss. Claudia and had the most FANTASTIC, ENERGIZING conversation with her. CLAUDIA is an AMAZING lady with some of the most amazing pieces at her boutique. I truly ENJOYED our chat and just when I was thinking of crossing the 'ol HUDSON RIVER to NYC to go to THE PARIS APARTMENT, Claudia lowers the BOOM:(( She is now in MIAMI BEACH! So I guess this is a great excuse for me to fly down to Miami and INDULGE in a bit at Claudia's BEAUTIFUL BOUTIQUE:)) If you haven't popped over to The Paris Apartment yet, you MUST go and tell her Daisy from LA PETITE PLUME sent you:)), and if you haven't picked up her BOOK yet, treat yourself to one for the holidays!

A MILLION MERCI'S to you my Queen for the DIVINE book! I will be reading it in the evenings when my day has wound down, and I finally get some ME TIME to kick up my heels. When the studio is closed and the dinner has been served, the dishes are done and the children are safely in their nooks snoozing away. Mommy will have herself a HOT TOTTY, slip into her "SNUGGIE" and savor each and every page of this MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS GIFT!

Images courtesy and property of Claudia Strasser, The Paris Apartment.
Envelope, telephone, Kick up heels images property of photobucket.


  1. This is the book that started me down the path of near obsession with French decor and all things France. How nice that you have an autographed copy!

  2. Bon Jour your Highness,

    I am just ga-ga with this book! It now graces my nightstand in my "BOUDOIR". If it can now just transport me to Paris by just closing my eyes I would be tickled PINK!!

    Happy New Year Queenie!

  3. OMG you are TOO funny! That's a pick me up if I ever heard one! Thank YOU, you just put a doofy smile on my face from ear to ear!! So glad to be getting to know you Daisy, you made my year!

  4. Bonjour Daisy!
    Claudia is the Queen when it comes to promoting all things French, so happy you have a copy.
    As I'm writing this I notice you put up one of my buttons (I also have it in a pink damask background as well if that works better). Merci, I am honoured.
    I will now take yours as well - you did a lovely job with it. I just read your post about it, I had the same problem.
    Hope you are ready to ring in a fabulous New Year!

  5. How nice! The book looks like a real pleasure to read.

  6. Queen Claudia,

    I had such fun writing this article on your wonderful book and the honor is all mine!! I revised it a bit today... I just can't resist a little fun:)) You're such a treasure and now too my friend!

    Happy New Year!

  7. And to my Queen at Bonjour Romance,

    Happy New Year! Merci for your lovely comment:) Yes, Claudia is DIVINE and I will be displaying my book in my studio for all to see:)) I thank you for the tip on your grab button, I changed it to the pink damask:)) I love it! And yes, please take mine:)) love your blog!!

    Happy New year Queenie,

  8. Every happiness in the New Year Your Majesty and now I'm a follower I'll be sure to call from time to time.
    Warmest regards,

  9. congrats on such an amazing gift!! glad i found u !

    bonne annee!

  10. A gift from the Queen of Paris style, what a fabulous gesture and the perfect way to start the year Daisy. May you be happily immersed in it's wonderful pages. Happy New Year and only the best in 2010. XO

  11. Daisy,

    This book that Claudia wrote is the best source of inspiration. Like Bonjour Madame, my adoration for romantic Parisian style began the day I purchased this book several years ago. I am so happy for you!


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