Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pour Vous Parisienne Inspired Gift Tags

LA PETITE PLUME shows off its latest set of GIFT TAGS! "Pour Vous", "For You" in the romantic language of French!

Set of four, large divine Gift Tags, 2 1/2 x 3 5/8, for all of your heartfelt gifts. Created on Imported French thick, plush LettraPress parchment in Dove White, layered with Imported Italian Pearl Finish in Rose. A beautiful Parisienne inspired image in Pink, Black and white, (my favorite color combination), of a scrolled gate with billowing Roses Encrusted in Imported German Glass and our special sparkling elements. A Genuine Swarovski Crystal in Indian Summer dots the center. Plenty of space on the back for your special message. All corners cut and embossed into romantic French tips. A billowing Organdy bow in Black adorns the top and a generous 12" in total length of Satin ribbon, also in black for tying.

These Gorgeous Gift Tags are perfect for all of your well wished gifts to your loved ones, teachers, co-workers, a favorite buyer or seller, bridal showers, tea parties, garden parties, birthdays, anniversaries, the ideas are simply endless!

Let your gifts be the talk of the party with these Original Designs!
:: Should you need more than 4 just let us know!
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Monday, March 22, 2010

I Just Pulled Something New From Out of MY Hat!

Merci your Majesty for this


La Petite Plume receives ANOTHER AWARD!!! I have been away for quite some time now and little did I know that I had been issued yet another award by one of my FAVORITE gal-pals!!! The one and only MILLINER, ANYA CALIENDO from COUTURE MILLINERY ATELIER. a TOP OF THE LINE TALENTED DESIGNER!! I had the honor and privilege of meeting ANYA, via her blog, CoutureMillineryAtelier, and I just love her to pieces! Anya has posted some, if not the best, articles and images on her blog. I love seeing the unbelievable HATS she creates for top designers such as DONNA KARAN AND JOHN GALLIANO, among so many more !!! I encourage for all to run and view this AMAZING DESIGNER'S work. Her hats are pure EYE CANDY:))



this one reminds me of Alice in Wonderland:)



And so La Petite Plume accepts this BLOG AWARD with great pleasure and honor! Merci your Majesty!

:: Images are the sole property of Couture Millinery Atelier and Anya Caliendo.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey Elizabeth, I Too Have Violette Colored Eyes!

La Petite Plume is thrilled to announce that we have received a new BLOG AWARD!!! This one comes from an AMAZING talent! VIOLETTA MEDVEDEVA. Violetta is a CLOTHING DESIGNER from RUSSIA! I ask that all of my ROYAL COURT and all new visitors run over to see her UNBELIEVABLE sketches on her DIVINE BLOG at: I welcome my new FRIEND and I THANK YOU dearest Violette for this flattering award!!

I honestly could not get enough of VIOLETTA'S blog. My jaw just dropped when I saw her work!

calling all BRIDES!

*** All images sole property of VIOLETTA MEDVEDEVA at

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Princess Royale Is Having Her First Ball!

Well, it's finally here! The year that my PRINCESS ROYALE, CHANDLER-MICHELLE, celebrates her first ROYALE BALL. I am so excited! So much to do and prepare. Mr. La Petite Plume and I were disappointed at first because we, as Hispanics, have a traditional "Coming Out " party, when a young lady turns "15" years old and is presented to society. We call this a "Quincenera". We waited fifteen years for this major event in our little girls life. This is a formal ball where we as parents present out little girls to society as young women. There is a religious ceremony at church where the Priest will bless the "Debutant" and welcome her to society in her new role as a young woman, and her court will walk down the aisle first, then the birthday girl, for those who wish to go through this ceremony, and a full court of young ladies and young men, friends of your daughter, help to form this formal affair. They will usually wear formal gowns that coordinate in the theme colors chosen by the Birthday Girl, and the young men wear tuxedos. It is basically all of the same preparations for a huge wedding except their is no groom:)

Then there is a HUGE BALL usually at a banquet hall, where the Father will take off his daughter's slipper and replace it with a high heel shoe, and she dances with her dad. It is a very emotional and teary moment. Many "Quincenera's have a choreographer teach the court the Waltz and a few traditional dances from ones native country to preform at the "Ball", for the pure enjoyment of her guests. The "Debutante" may choose to have a "slide show" of herself from her infant years all the way through her 15th birthday. Most young ladies will change from their formal gown to a shorter party gown so that she can dance the night away! It takes almost a year to 18 months to plan. Just like a wedding.

Well here is the sad news... After waiting fifteen years for this special event and planning so many special surprises for my Princess, she lowers the "BOOM" on us and tells us she wants to have a 'SWEET SIXTEEN" instead!!! She is now 15 years old. This is it. If she doesn't have this moment celebrated in the "TRADITIONAL" way, she will miss this opportunity forever!

Being the understanding parents that we are, we are now planning a SWEET SIXTEEN for April of 2011. She did decide to incorporate our traditions of the Sweet 15 into her now Sweet Sixteen, so that her father and I will not be too sad. She will be taken to church by a "HORSE AND CARRIAGE", in White:)

So during the course of this year I will be keeping all of you up to date with the planning of this huge event:)) I will be posting a few formal gowns and asking for your help in choosing the perfect gown for our Princess Royale. Also the tiara, shoes, cake and I think I will be making the invitations myself, what do you think:) All in glass!

We will be taking all suggestions for any of the above and we need the perfect song for our Princess to dance with daddy:) Please send me all of your suggestions:) My Mother-n Law will be coming from Colombia, my husbands native country, and will be singing to her, as she is a Professional singer, what a treat! And my very close friend "Gloria Gaynor" will be invited and I know that Chandler -Michelle will want her to sing, "I WILL SURVIVE". I think this will be the appropriate song for me that night!


I know that I can count on all of you to help us narrow it all down!!

Image: Google
Dress: Justin Alexander

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Blessing In My Life!

I would just like to share with all of you one of the most wonderful blessings that I have in my life. Her name is Sherry. I first met Sherry through Etsy. She purchased some of our stationery from one of our sub-divisions, Chandler Michelle. Well little did I know what a treasure and blessing Sherry would become in not only my life, but in the lives of my family.

Sherry just kept coming to Chandler Michelle and buying all of her favorites and she has requested many custom orders. As a matter of fact, this new Saint Patrick's Day Petite Note Card, was another custom order for Sherry. The image is from her private collection, which is so extensive. I figured I'd post it as a surprise for her! This would be her first time viewing it, as we are working on her order of two sets of this particular image. Well anyhow, as time went on, I really got to know her so well. We just clicked immediately. Even though we have never actually met in person due to her living in another state, we chat via email almost everyday or night:) We just chat about anything and everything, from our children, our pets, the weather, and our social lives.

I honestly can not go too long without a dose of my "Queen Sherry or Sher-Bear", as I like to call her. So I would just like to tell her how much I just love her and how much she has enriched my life in the past year and a half. That she is my dearest friend and I feel so "BLESSED" that God put her in my path, and that she will forever be a part of my life.

I truly hope to meet her one day. This would be just the biggest moment for me!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day my dear friend. This one's for you Sher-Bear!