Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey Elizabeth, I Too Have Violette Colored Eyes!

La Petite Plume is thrilled to announce that we have received a new BLOG AWARD!!! This one comes from an AMAZING talent! VIOLETTA MEDVEDEVA. Violetta is a CLOTHING DESIGNER from RUSSIA! I ask that all of my ROYAL COURT and all new visitors run over to see her UNBELIEVABLE sketches on her DIVINE BLOG at: I welcome my new FRIEND and I THANK YOU dearest Violette for this flattering award!!

I honestly could not get enough of VIOLETTA'S blog. My jaw just dropped when I saw her work!

calling all BRIDES!

*** All images sole property of VIOLETTA MEDVEDEVA at


  1. Daisy dearest,

    THANK YOU FOR COMING BY VOTRE MAJESTÉ to my glitter post....isn't glitter fab? I am enchanted by this post of yours in all the buttercream-frosting pink and luscious designer images! Thank you for contributing to the world that we so long to embrace, that which is bright and positive and lovely! You are kind to come on by today! Au revoir et à la prochaine! Anita

  2. My sweet friend Daisy!-)*

    You lovely words about my creations maked me emotional and I Thank you SO,SO much for these beautiful introduce by you,my dear!!!

    With all my love and hugs,


  3. I am unsure if my last comment went through, but thank you oh so much for the darling comment you left on my page.
    I am in awe with all the beauty you share with us on your blog. I was a bride dressed in black, but as much as I loved my dress I would have traded it any day for the white and French blue gown pictured here!


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