Monday, March 22, 2010

I Just Pulled Something New From Out of MY Hat!

Merci your Majesty for this


La Petite Plume receives ANOTHER AWARD!!! I have been away for quite some time now and little did I know that I had been issued yet another award by one of my FAVORITE gal-pals!!! The one and only MILLINER, ANYA CALIENDO from COUTURE MILLINERY ATELIER. a TOP OF THE LINE TALENTED DESIGNER!! I had the honor and privilege of meeting ANYA, via her blog, CoutureMillineryAtelier, and I just love her to pieces! Anya has posted some, if not the best, articles and images on her blog. I love seeing the unbelievable HATS she creates for top designers such as DONNA KARAN AND JOHN GALLIANO, among so many more !!! I encourage for all to run and view this AMAZING DESIGNER'S work. Her hats are pure EYE CANDY:))



this one reminds me of Alice in Wonderland:)



And so La Petite Plume accepts this BLOG AWARD with great pleasure and honor! Merci your Majesty!

:: Images are the sole property of Couture Millinery Atelier and Anya Caliendo.


  1. My dear Daisy!-)*

    Congratulations for these elegant and SO special Award,my sweet lady!!!
    You have totally deserved this!-)))

    Much Love and blessings,


  2. Congratulations Petite Plume ! (i love that sweet..)
    and thank you for your visit and lovely comment :-)

  3. Congratulations on your award! Anya truly is a very special and talented lady and her awards are always very beautiful and unique. x

  4. Merci to my two Queens! My Castle in Spain and Fashion Tid Bits!! your visit and comments made my day:)) La Petite Plume welcomes you both!

    Royal hugs,

  5. Dearest Daisy! Thank you so very much for beaing so generous and kind and writing this post!:-))) I have tryed to let you know about the Award, but I lost my computer to virus and it took time to get a new one. When I, finally, did, it would not let me leave you a message. So, I hoped you would see your beautiful Award when you stop by my Blog. I am so very happy you love it. it is very well desrved many times over.You are such an inspirtaion to me!:-)))

  6. Merci to one of my FAVORITE QUEENS, HER MAJESTY ANYA CALIENDO!! I thank you so very much for your beautiful comments and for your dear friendship. I am so honored to accept this award from such a talented designer, YOU! I too have had so many problems with viruses lately:( I thank you on behalf of so many of us that enjoy following your amazing work and your lovely stories on your beautiful blog!

    Merci Queenie!



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