Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Princess Royale Is Having Her First Ball!

Well, it's finally here! The year that my PRINCESS ROYALE, CHANDLER-MICHELLE, celebrates her first ROYALE BALL. I am so excited! So much to do and prepare. Mr. La Petite Plume and I were disappointed at first because we, as Hispanics, have a traditional "Coming Out " party, when a young lady turns "15" years old and is presented to society. We call this a "Quincenera". We waited fifteen years for this major event in our little girls life. This is a formal ball where we as parents present out little girls to society as young women. There is a religious ceremony at church where the Priest will bless the "Debutant" and welcome her to society in her new role as a young woman, and her court will walk down the aisle first, then the birthday girl, for those who wish to go through this ceremony, and a full court of young ladies and young men, friends of your daughter, help to form this formal affair. They will usually wear formal gowns that coordinate in the theme colors chosen by the Birthday Girl, and the young men wear tuxedos. It is basically all of the same preparations for a huge wedding except their is no groom:)

Then there is a HUGE BALL usually at a banquet hall, where the Father will take off his daughter's slipper and replace it with a high heel shoe, and she dances with her dad. It is a very emotional and teary moment. Many "Quincenera's have a choreographer teach the court the Waltz and a few traditional dances from ones native country to preform at the "Ball", for the pure enjoyment of her guests. The "Debutante" may choose to have a "slide show" of herself from her infant years all the way through her 15th birthday. Most young ladies will change from their formal gown to a shorter party gown so that she can dance the night away! It takes almost a year to 18 months to plan. Just like a wedding.

Well here is the sad news... After waiting fifteen years for this special event and planning so many special surprises for my Princess, she lowers the "BOOM" on us and tells us she wants to have a 'SWEET SIXTEEN" instead!!! She is now 15 years old. This is it. If she doesn't have this moment celebrated in the "TRADITIONAL" way, she will miss this opportunity forever!

Being the understanding parents that we are, we are now planning a SWEET SIXTEEN for April of 2011. She did decide to incorporate our traditions of the Sweet 15 into her now Sweet Sixteen, so that her father and I will not be too sad. She will be taken to church by a "HORSE AND CARRIAGE", in White:)

So during the course of this year I will be keeping all of you up to date with the planning of this huge event:)) I will be posting a few formal gowns and asking for your help in choosing the perfect gown for our Princess Royale. Also the tiara, shoes, cake and I think I will be making the invitations myself, what do you think:) All in glass!

We will be taking all suggestions for any of the above and we need the perfect song for our Princess to dance with daddy:) Please send me all of your suggestions:) My Mother-n Law will be coming from Colombia, my husbands native country, and will be singing to her, as she is a Professional singer, what a treat! And my very close friend "Gloria Gaynor" will be invited and I know that Chandler -Michelle will want her to sing, "I WILL SURVIVE". I think this will be the appropriate song for me that night!


I know that I can count on all of you to help us narrow it all down!!

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Dress: Justin Alexander


  1. What a lovely story - I had never heard the tradition of a Quincenera before. What a wonderful thing to do and I'm sure your daughter's combined party will be beautiful creation, just like your stationery! x

  2. I did the same thing when I had my 16th birthday much to my parents dismay. At first they were upset but in the end my sweet 16 was amazing and included so many of our traditions (I am Argentine). We all had a magical day and I know you will too. It's such a spcial and important time. Your fete is going to be wonderful and I can't wait to read all about it!!!

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  4. Congratulations Princess Royale on your Quincenera/Sweet 16! Hope you have a ball at your ball ;)!

    Au Revoir!

  5. This is such a beautiful ceremony. I am sure it will be a wonderful "Sweet 16". Will surely put in my two penny bit to help you out in whatever way I can. This sounds too wonderful not to be a part of. Best of luck.

  6. Just a gorgeous post,dear Michelle!-)***

    SO much petite things and really,really ipressed!!!
    The dream bride and a happy bride too!-)*

    Many love and care,


  7. Bonjour Daisy,
    I am sure your daughter will have a lovely Quicenera/Sweet 16. Anxious to read all about it and see the dress selections.
    A bientôt

  8. Bienvenue Queen Kitty! and merci for your lovely comments on both the event for my Princess and my stationery:) It is all so exciting!
    Bonjour Queen Judith:) My Princesses best from is also from Argentina! She will be in Chandler-Michelle's court:) Thanks for the encouraging words.
    Hi Ting Ting, I had to remove your comment, because it came with a long list of advertisers, I think it was an error:( but thanks for your comment anyway:))
    Merci to her Majesty at Paris Pastry ! We hope to have a great time too:) I will be posting lots of Pictures:)
    Merci to you too Queen Pratishtha for your lovely comment. I will be looking for lots of help on this big event! And welcome!
    bienvenue Queen Violetta for your sweet comment. We do hope her Sweet Sixteen is a memorable event! I can't wait to fill all of you in on this big day:)
    And last but surely not least, Merci to one of my adored Queen's, Queen Mimi! I too am anxious to post some gown's and have a vote from all of my Queen's!!! I do love this one in this post by Justin Alexander:)) hugs, to all of you and many thank you's,

  9. Bonjour once again Daisy,
    Just wanted to let you know that I just did a little award post and thanked you for sharing your Sunshine award with me.
    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend

  10. Fabulous - I am sure Her Royal Highness's ball will be gorgeous!

    Love your stuff, by the way - todo es divino!

  11. Hello,dear Daisy,

    I am SO,SO sory for my mistake about you name(Michelle???)
    I am here again,my beautiful and gorgeous talented virual friend,because i wanted to let you know that I have in my last post by my blog one beautiful Award for you!-)*
    Check it please,if do you want!

    With all my love and admiering for you talent,


  12. Merci to my Queens the Chocolate Addict, Fifi, and Violetta for your wonderful comments!!! Chandler-Michelle has been very busy choosing so many fabulous things for her ball!! I will soon be listing the dress choices we have made for all of you to vote:))

    Royal hugs,


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