Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The French Society Has Chosen...

Small Red Glitter Crown Pictures, Images and Photos

Small Red Glitter Crown Pictures, Images and Photos

Well La Petite Plume will now pass on the next honor to... FANCIFUL DESIGNS AND CRU!!! For those of you have not had the privilege of knowing first hand of NOEL at FANCIFUL her NEW BLOG, CRU, you must not walk over but RUN!!! Queen Noel is the QUEEN of all that is paper MASTERPIECES!! I am simply GA-GA over her PAPER ROSES AND SHOES!!!!! She has just recently been contacted by none other than CHRISTIAN DIOR!!! And Cru is her latest blog based on some really refreshing recipes of "RAW" FOOD! This new blog should be very INTERESTING for those of us interested in the NEW OF NEW!! CONGRATS NOEL AND THE BEST OF LUCK ON BOTH OF YOUR MAGNIFICENT BLOGS!!

And so we gladly pass our "HAT SO MUCH award given to us by my girl, QUEEN ANYA CALIENDO OVER AT COUTUREMILLINERYATELIER to NOEL at both, FANCIFUL AND CRU!! Be sure to tell her DAISY AT LA PETITE PLUME SENT YOU:))

1. Fanciful Designs

2. Cru

Small Red Glitter Crown Pictures, Images and Photos
Small Red Glitter Crown Pictures, Images and Photos
Small Red Glitter Crown Pictures, Images and Photos
introducing , CRU!

Images: Property of Noel Solomon




  1. Dear, dear Daisy,

    You have honored me among many of my favorites as well, and I am truly honored to be named with them! HOW WONDERFUL OF YOU and you have presented our award so beautifully!!!!! I will attach this fabulous button to my blog and mention it in my next post. MERCI MILLE FOIS!!! And....did you design your header and entire blog page? Iwould like more info because I want to customize my blog with this 3 column style and wonderful lettering. Let me know.

    MERCI ENCORE and I will most definitely thank you in my next post! YOU ARE AWESOME VOTRE MAJESTÉ!!!


  2. Daisy once again thank-you so much for the award you bestowed on me so graciously. I am truly honoured! Your blog is so beautiful and I am constantly inspired! I love Noel's blog Fanciful Designs and how amazing to be contacted by Christian Dior! I loved his last collection with all the equestrian inspired top hats with the couture outfits. Congratulations to Noel and thank-you.
    Marie Antoinette the 2nd

  3. To my two queens, Anita and M.A. the 2nd, you are both welcome and as I stated in the article, so worthy and deserving of the honor:)) I too enjoy both of your blogs as well:)) Queen Anita, my beautiful blog was designed by Mandy, at A La Parisian. If you scroll all the way down to the very bottom of my blog, you will see your logo:) Just tell her I sent you:) She will have to let you know what her schedule is like:))

    Royal hugs,

  4. Congrats to Noel! Her art and blog are truly beautiful!


  5. Sweet Sweet Daisy~~

    Thank you for this wonderful post!! I'm sorry that I'm just getting to it - I've been so busy getting things ready for the event this weekend. :0

    You sweet generous words made me swoon and put a HUGE smile on my face! I SO appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    I got your message from etsy - you're more than welcome to use my images. Thanks for asking!

    Best wishes to you always~

  6. Merci Queen Noel! We all know just how very much you deserve this award and sooo many more!! Your talent is by far one of the most extraordinary I have ever, ever seen!!!

    I see you too Queen Mandy:)) Your comment for our Queen Noel is so appreciated by many!

    Royal wishes,

  7. Oh, darling Daisy, you are simply amazing! Thank you for your kindness and generous spirit! I do agree, Noel is extrordinary! I love her designes and it looks like I am in the good company of to extremely talented ladies: Noel and you!I am wishing you wonderful weekend filled with sunshine and happiness.:)

  8. Merci Queen Anya!!

    You are my FAB. GIRL!! Yes Queen Noel is a rare talent!! She has offered the world her amazing creations that only she can do so well! But you are not to be left behind, you, your Majesty, have an amazing mind as well:)) So here's to two of my favourite designers!!

    Have a Royale Day!,

  9. Dear Daisy,
    Thanks for becoming a follower!! I am so excited you have and I can't tell you how honored I am that you have grabbed my button and put it on your blog. Thanks so much for the support. I have always loved your blog and became a follower a while back. As you can see we share a lot of the same things to love, especially all that is French and pink :)!!
    Miss Mimi from Bonjour Romance is a mutual friend of ours.
    Isn't she just wonderful? Additionally, I too just love Fanciful Designs and French Blue :)
    I will be back to visit again soon. I hope you are having a wonderful day!!


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