Tuesday, April 6, 2010


La Petite Plume has been awarded a few new honors recently and now it is time the ROYALE SOCIETY pass the honors to a few of my fav. blogs truly deserving of not only the awards but the attention! Our fist award to be passed on is from Queen VIOLETTA MEDVEDEVA at VM-Creation Atelier! MERCI YOUR MAJESTY!! And First up is...

1. a-la-parisienne.blogspot.com Queen Mandy is one of my FAV QUEEN'S!! and her blog is filled with DREAMY images that TRULY make me want to just forget anything extists around me but FLOWING BLUSH fabrics!! OK, plus I can not get enough of her articles on her 'lil PRINCESS ROYALE, AMELIA!

2. castlescrownscottages.blogspot.com Queen Anita, a true FRANCOPHILE if I've ever seen one! Her blog is filled with so many FRENCH articles that have me running back all of the time. Anita is pure FRENCHIE goodness!!

3. beautifulinteriorsand18thcenturystyle.blogspot.com Ahh yes! My new QUEEN, HER ROYALE HIGHNESS, M.A. THE 2ND!! I just recently received a comment from this AMAZING Queen, that is an INTERIOR DECORATOR. So when I popped on over to her blog, I just DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE!! Her scence of STYLE is like no other and her blog is a must see!! Just tell her DAISY from LA PETITE PLUME sent you:)

4. frenchblue-frenchblue.blogspot.com Queen Janet over at one of my all time favorite blogs, FRENCH BLUE!!! JANET has the most DIVINE blog and STORE!! Her new article on WOOD coming back in style just may have changed my ROYALE mind from hating the BEACH to possible wanting to move to a BEACH HOUSE for the entire SUMMER!!
5. bonjourmadamestephanie.blogspot.com Queen Stephanie, another true FRANCOPHILE with the most DIVINE blog!! I honestly never tire of reading her articles. You MUST stop by and tell her DAISY at LA PETITE PLUME sent you over:))

There you have it. Five of LA PETITE PLUME'S favorite QUEEN'S. Trust me you will not regret visiting these LADIES!!!


  1. Thank you doll for this award and for all this positive energy to FrenchBlue and FrenchBlue & Co.!!!
    You are the best and I think YOU ARE the Queenie!!

  2. Dear Queen Daisy
    I am absolutely overawed and honoured to receive this award from you! I have been away from my laptop for 24 hours and didn't even know I had received it. You are too kind and your comments are so beautiful.... you have no idea how much it means to me. Thank-you!
    To my royal sister from another life.... thank-you!
    Sincerely Frances

  3. Congratulations on receiving the award, you deserve it, your blog is lovely. Love from London x

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