Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Take My Hat Off To You!

La Petite Plume has chosen a must see blog to pass her "BEAUTIFUL BLOG AWARD" TO... ANYA CALIENDO at COUTURE MILLINERY ATELIER is our choice this week!

Anya is a MILLINER and she designs the most FABULOUS HATS BY HAND in her own Atelier located in New York, New York. She has designed hats for the best of the best. Such names as DONNA KAREN AND KINDER AGGUGINI is a 42-year old Italian and a graduate of the Central Saint Martin's , based in London. "The creative force behind the scenes at major labels including VERSACE, not to mention the fact that Kinder is a former apprentice to JOHN GALLIANO". The list just goes on and on. I just can not stop reading Anya's blog! Her articles and images are SIMPLY AMAZING AND A MUST SEE! Not to say her COUTURE creations. Be sure to stop by and read her new article, "Making Hats For COMME DES GARCONS, SPRING-SUMMER 2010, PART 3

To view Anya's Collections, please, visit her at and tell her that DAISY from LA PETITE PLUME sent you:)

ANYA , please accept this AWARD for having a "BEAUTIFUL BLOG" on behalf of LA PETITE PLUME. You so deserve it:))

"If you choose to you can post this on your blog, just copy and past with a link back and pass it on to other bloggers that you love! No rules, just enjoy"!


  1. Dear Daisy,thank you so very much for thi wonderful Award and this generous and beautiful article!It realy touched me in so many different ways.Thank you for thinking of me! I will proudly display this Award in my Blog, the Saturday just started and it feels so great to start it with this fantastic suprise!!! I hope you have wonderful weekend. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful blog award!
    Leave it up to Mimi to find such a lovely blog to award! Just found you because of her and will be following you. I will also go and visit your Etsy shop!!
    See you again soon!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Anya is filled with such incredible talent! Her creations are masterpieces!

  4. Merci to all of you for reading up on this amazingly talented artist!! Anya's work just leaves me floored and how wonderful is it that we are lucky enough to view all of her work on her gorgeous blog!! Merci Gail for joining our Royal court!! Great to see you here Mel:)) Hey City Farmer, Bienvenue!!! Hugs to you Queen Anya!!

    Royal wishes,


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