Sunday, January 3, 2010

La Reine, Marie Antoinette, Parisienne Inspired Note Card Collection, Set of Four, Aqua Pearl Finished, Lined Envelopes Included

La Petite Plume brings you La Reine! There she sits in all her glory. Our favorite Reine, Queen in French, Marie Antoinette. Doesn't she look so Majestic in her gown of sparkly Glass! This a must for all lovers of Marie Antoinette. Lucky the recipients of this DIVNE stationery!

Set of four blank note cards, 4.25 x 5.5, created on velvety soft Letterpress parchment of the highest quality, in Creamy White. A gorgeous filigree in Antique Gold serves as the base for the triple medallion in the center. The ever so regal Marie sitting for one of her many formal portraits in a French Blue Gown ENCRUSTED in Imported German Glass and the entire card is then dusted in sparkling fairy dust for a fantastic shimmer. Her hair is adorned, as she always had done, with five Genuine Swarovski Crystals in French Blue and the roses are doted in large crystals in Aruba Pink, seven in total per card. Luxuriously lined Aqua Pearl Finished Envelopes included.

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  1. Just beautiful!! You will make people want to hand write notes again. I don't think they should have stopped really as it is so much more special than email. Loove Marie!! :)

  2. Bonjour Daisy!
    Thanks for stopping by, sorry for the goof up on your button - it was the 'e' that was the culprit - it works fine now!

    About your award question - Giving awards is quite simple you can either make your own award button (just like your blog button so the recipient can copy and past) or you pass on one given to you. You post about who you've given the award to with a link to their blog. Most awards are then passed on to a specified number of people from the recipient with links to those blogs, and some request you tell things about yourself.
    Its all good fun and a great way to let others know about your favorite blogs. Now that I've completely confused you, let me know if I can help with anything at all - I'm still fairly new to the blog world myself, so it will be good to learn together!
    Have a great week!

  3. Merci Queenie on the Blog Award lesson:)) I will be using your tips right away:)) Hope you had a great holiday your Majesty and I will be popping by very soon!!

    Hugs & smoochies,

  4. Merci to our New Queen RoseMary for visiting and joining our Royal court, Yeah!!! I completely agree with you. I just love love love the old fashion art of letter writing and I always practice writing to everyone:) I so hate this modern world of texting and emails, even though it has simplified our lives a bit:) And what better way to write than on luxurious stationery?!!

    Royal hugs to you my little Queen!


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