Monday, June 13, 2011

Look At Us Now Baby!

Bonjour everyone! Well after a few days of working with my wonderful new discovery, BRENDA, from DESIGN MY SHOP on ETSY, I think I have just about finished up my NEW and GORGEOUS blog make-over!! I am simply in love with the CLEAN and REFRESHING new face the LA PETITE PLUME blog has. Brenda, my NEW QUEEN, was able to capture my vision and produce a MASTERPIECE! Merci Queenie! Please be sure to pop over to her on line shop, and tell her DAISY sent you:)
I have been a bit frustrated with BLOGLAND as of late... Have many of you noticed that your "Followers" section is bare? I wonder what is going on! And I haven't been able to leave many of you comments on your lovely posts, as it says I am "ANONYMOUS". I was chatting with Queen M.A. the 2ND, and she too is having this problem, hmmmm. I hope it all goes back to normal soon. But I would like to let many of you know that I have read your posts and I love them: Mandy from A LA PARISIENNE, on PRINCESS AMELIA'S big birthday party, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Princess!, and FRENCH BLUE on welcoming SUMMER and NOEL'S success on being such a wonderful ARTIST over at FANCIFUL, CONGRATS NOEL! My favourite Queen, FRANCES over at BEAUTIFUL Interiors and 18TH CENTURY STYLE, on giving her two chairs a make over in the ROBIN'S EGG BLUE, which has me just GA-GA!!! and on her new project of the PINK SOFA with the BLACK PIPING! And then there's my Queen MIMI, over at BONJOUR ROMANCE! I just read a slew of happenings over at her niche! And my dearest Queen ANITA, from CASTLES, CROWNS and COTTAGES!! Just loving all that she has posted just recently. BOY! I have been gone for awhile!

In the meantime, I will be working on new designs for our on line paper boutique, LA PETITE PLUME, to bring you the very best of us. I hope all of your have a PINK - LICIOUS week and enjoy my NEW FACELIFT!

:: Oh No! Not the shadow box around the signature thingy!!! Ok, back to yet more reading, I think I may have found the solution. Please be patient as I sit dowm and now try to unravel this one:)

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  1. Well done Daisy! Your new design is fabulous. I will grab your new button! SO glad you came by to visit!
    Bon soirée,


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