Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's A Shoe Thing!

If I had to choose one thing to run out of the house with in case of a fire, aside from the obvious, you know, the KIDS, the DOG, oh yeah, my HUSBAND, the PHOTOGRAPHS, I would grab my SHOES! I, like so many of us women, just love SHOES! I love the classic PUMPS. The way they just transform your posture into a tall, sophisticated lady. The era that captures my attention hands down would have to be the '40's. Women wore PEEP TOE PUMPS and HATS, and they just carried themselves with pride. So I have chosen some of my favorite pumps by one of my favorite designers, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN! This designer just captures everything I just mentioned above. CLASSIC, LADY LIKE, AND SOPHISTICATED ELEGANCE, with his signature RED soles! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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Hurry For A Pair, Only 36 Being Made In Each Color, Pink, Blue and Yellow, at $5,660.00 in the UK!

Anemone Stiletto Pumps,
Simply Divine!

Anemone Pink Satin Pumps
I would do my HOUSE WORK in these!

I've DIED,
and gone to HEAVEN!


Pink Satin Caberet

in every wardrobe

just get me a


  1. Your blog is beautiful!!! And these SHOES!! I'm such a fan of Louboutin - one day I hope to be wearing a pair on the red carpet haha!

  2. Bon Jour Lady Em!

    Yes, these shoes are to die for aren't they! I am sure you will be on that red carpet. I have a school friend that made it to the big screen, you too will be there:))~ Hugs, DaisyG


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