Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Day To Kick Up Me Heels!

Bon jour everyone from La Petite Plume! It's a really rainy one here on the East coast, so I have decided to just "KICK UP ME HEELS TODAY"! I just love watching videos all day on days like today:) Or read a great book. I would rather be in VERSAILLES eating Bon Bons and having everyone cater to me, ha ha. Well, I sure hope all of you enjoy our last days of summer and do something wonderful today!


  1. Cette image est vraiment jolie!
    Bon travail, Daisy!

  2. Merci Mandy for designing this gorgeous blog for my Royal Court and I to gather and enjoy lots of fun topics! You did an amazing job:), Royal hugs, Daisy

  3. Merci Michelle my Belle, aka, Chandler-Michelle. Mommy loves you very much and I thank you for all of your help too and for teaching me lots of cool tips on blogging and for being the inspiration behind so many of my designs. You are an amazing daughter and I just love sharing fun projects with you! All my love, Mom


Reading your heartfelt comments day after day just allows me to know a little bit more about each and every one of you:), and this adds happiness to my life. Merci Beaucoup for sharing your thoughts on my Pink -A-licious topics!