Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bienvenue To My First Blog!

I am so THRILLED that my pretty pink blog, La Petite Plume, is up and ready to add beautiful things and information for all of you! I would like to thank Mandy at A La Parisienne for my divine blog! Mandy was able to capture my vision perfectly and I couldn't be happier:) Her shop on Etsy is a must see for all seeking High end, Professional results for their new blog. If you would like a gorgeous custom blog such as this one, please visit her shop at


  1. Congrats my Queen on a gorgeous blog site; I wouldn't expect anything less from the "Queen of all things Beautiful". How blessed I am to have found you on Etsy; you have brought a world of beauty and joy into my life and to the lives of my family and friends also who I have shared your gorgeous cards with. I remain your #1 fan in Oregon.
    xoxo, HRH Sherry :-)

  2. Magnifique, Daisy!
    And Krizz's jewelry and photography of her jewelry are both gorgeous!!!


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