Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amelie and Jean Pierre, French Inspired, Haute Couture, Children's Two In One Gift Tags Set of 2

New this Autumn is our Children's line of nostalgic Vintage and French Inspired Gift Tags and Greeting Cards, "Le Bebe," by Chandler Michelle, a small division of La Petite Plume Designs, Int'l.
Set of two Ex-Large gift tags, 5x2.75, created on textured, sturdy card stock in French Rose, layered with a shimmery, swirl textured parchment in Antique Pearl. A whimsical pattern of the young brother and sister in the palest of Blush, absolutely one of my favourite colors, having a playful day perhaps in the country side in south France. No need to buy a separate greeting card- we took care of that for you by creating a Petite Greeting in the same pattern! Finally, all bottom corners have been cut into romantic French Tips. These beauties would not be complete without Chandler Michelle's signature style; a dusting of high end Imported glitters and Genuine Swarovski Crystals in also in French Rose, dotting the lazy trees, for a spectacular sparkle! A generous amount of Vintage seam binding in Rose Pearl, two feet (24"), ties at the top. Plenty to tie around a big gift. Large blank space on the backside should you wish to write a bit more.

These are a must for anyone expecting a baby girl, baby shower, congratulatory gift or a little lady celebrating a birthday!.

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  1. Oh,my sweetheart,wonderful Daisy!!!

    It looks SO GORGEOUS,my beautiful talented Qoueen,SO sweet and SO precious:-)*

    You are one of the Best,darling!!!


  2. Hello on this glorious Sunday,
    You and your blog are delightful and I am thrilled to be a follower of such royalty
    I am off to read more.

  3. Lovely and just perfect for the little ones. I adore your site,

    I have a Giveaway by the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  4. Dear Queen Daisy .... these are just gorgeous. Did your daughter Chandeler Michele do these?
    They are amazing! Thank-you for visiting and as always leaving your beautiful comments which are so thoughtful. Dominic had a wonderful 18th and I will be posting more photos .... he is a gorgeous young man but I am his mum! I can't wait to receive my Marie Antoinette cards ... it will be so exciting. I also love your new banner header! Have a beautiful week-end lovely Queen!
    hugs M.A. the 2nd

  5. merci to all of my Queens!! all of your comments are so beautiful and I am so glad you like this new gift tag:)) To Queen M.A the 2nd, these were made by me under my subdivision, Chandler Michelle, for La Petite Plume Designs:) La Petite Plume has currently 3 subdivisions, Chandler Michelle, House of Versailles, and Bella Vista. This tags are even more breathtaking in person and so unique!!! I am having so much fun with them:)) So happy Prince Dominic had a wonderful birthday:)) He is so very lucky to have you for a Mom:)), by the way, did I mention that I just lovvve you new blogger as well!!!

    Royal wishes to all of you:))

  6. Oh, this is gorgeous! I love the toile look, I adore toile! You are so talented! Thank you so, so much for your incredibly kind comment, you made my night! So glad you enjoyed the article! I am so happy to find your lovely blog, and definitely am your newest follower! Will be back often for more gorgeousness!

  7. Absolutely fabulous! I agree with Shari - you are so very talented and beautiful - it shines through everything that you do.


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