Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Have A Winner!

After a grand total of 145 votes from this blog, facebook and private emailers, we have a winning gown!!! There were soooo many votes!!

And the winning gown, with a total of 131 votes is..... GOWN # 1, YEAHHHH!!!!

Merci to all of you that voted on our Princesses' gown for her Royale party!!! I will be sure to keep all of you posted with the happenings:))

And our lucky winner of a set of note cards from our new line of stationery is... Anya Caliendo, from COUTURE MILLINERY ATELIER!!

Once again, thank you to all of you that helped us make this very tough decision:)) We are truly happy with the outcome!


  1. i would have totally voted for that exquisitely
    lovely gown!

  2. Oh I am so glad this gown won! It is so beautiful and I am sure your princess will look stunning... can't wait to see the photos! Have a lovely day..
    M.A. the 2nd

  3. Yeah!! Congratulations to Anya!! What a fun contest. I am sorry I missed it along the way. Love this post today, it is beautiful beautiful beautiful!!

  4. CHandler Michelle is going to be the belle of the ball! How exciting!
    GOod week to you,

  5. Congratulations on a beautiful choice of gown. Stunning! Have a lovely week. Love from London x

  6. Gorgeous,just great,my beaty Michelle!!!-)))*

    I am SOoooo happy for Anya,congratulations from the deepest of my heart***

    My LOve,


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